• SEO and Social

    The average car shopper uses 24 research sources – make your dealership website one of them with targeted on- and off-site SEO. Then keep them engaged with social media marketing that creates dealership loyalty so you don’t have to rely on brand loyalty.

  • Web

    Aptus Websites by Naked Lime are built on a groundbreaking adaptive web platform that offers an unparalleled mix of flexibility and service for dealers and customers. Reach every shopper with your best message, specifically designed to appeal to their intent on each device.

  • Naked Lime

    The consultative approach we use to create more effective marketing for each dealership is different than anything else in our industry. It’s a complex strategy with a simple mission – we use real data to make your marketing matter to your customers.

  • Reputation Management

    Your dealership reputation alone might not sell cars, but it can absolutely UN-sell them. Know what customers are saying and participate where it counts. With the right approach, unhappy customers can become raving fans.
  • Digital Advertising Service

    Search engines drive automotive purchases. Let shoppers know you have what they want, when they want it. Precisely targeted ads reach in-market buyers and remarketing keeps your dealership in the game.

  • Digital Reputation Management

    Reputation management is one of the hottest topics in the industry today and what you don't know can hurt you. Constant monitoring of the most influential websites helps you build a positive reputation and react quickly to negative feedback.